The Masseria

Ostuni-De Michele’s farm holidays looks for the search of the identity of its territory.

The term ‘masseria’ means ‘farmhouse’, often fortified. It is very common in the South of Italy, especially in Apulia, in the territory of Ostuni, which is full of this kind of construction. Some time ago, the farmhouse was the expression of a geo-economic organization linked to the large landed estate. The ‘masserie’ in the territory of Ostuni were then large farms, often inhabited by the owners. Besides the vast rural construction also included the farmers’ homes, stables, stores and forage crops.

Ostuni-De Michele’s Farm Holidays  is in the municipal district of Ostuni,  sheltered by the hills of the upland of Salento,  surrounded by  centuries-old  olive-trees. Ostuni-De Michele’s Farm Holidays, built in the second half of the  nineteenth  century, was the residence of its owners during the olives harvesting. At the same time, the owners raised  a big herd of sheep  which produced  milk useful  for curdling.

The Masseria  Ostuni- De Michele  has got  the plan  of the traditional  Mediterranean  agricultural  courtyard  farmhouse, with a fence in common, and a single central space (court or yard) , where the different  entrances  of the building  overlook. Inside the courtyard there was  the  stable, the rabbit hutch, the hen house, the sheepfold. Other  rooms were used  to store   work tools or to  house  the farmers. These  rooms have been  renovated and transformed  carefully  into  cozy rooms, furnished simply in order to give guests  the maximum comfort.

At present, the first floor of the farm  is  inhabited by its owners, De Michele’s  family, which  devotes itself ,  with  passion and professionalism,  to agricultural  activities.

De Michele’s family  decided  to give hospitality to people , offering traditions, culture and   testimony of a course shared  by history and nature.

Ostuni-De Michele’s  farmhouse  has got a tasting room, furnished in a rustic style, in  which guests, if they want,  will taste  the traditional  specialities of  the farm.